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Jackie Bushell, Founder Director, Special Diets are Easy.com

I have always had an interest in the connection between diet, nutrition and health. As someone who has struggled with weight control and other less easily defined health issues for many years, I have long had a vested interest in becoming knowledgeable on the subject. Over the years, I have built up a vast library of information, and there always seems to be a pile of new books, papers and articles calling for my attention.

One important thing that I have come to realize is that there are two types of information as far as the connection between nutrition, diet and health is concerned. The first is information that ignores the latest scientific understanding of diet and nutrition. This type of information is sadly often found in newspapers, magazines, diet books and even official healthy eating advice. These myths continue to be repeated because they are the widely accepted truth, even when new scientific evidence shows them to be based on flimsy science at best.

The second type of information is found in books and papers in medical journals written by doctors, nutritionists, biochemists, researchers and other professionals who have taken a special interest in learning the truth about how the body handles food and its present-day environment. Often sidelined or even ridiculed by the mainstream medical profession on account of their new ideas, they have documented their research discoveries and their successes in treating their patients in new ways in the hope that one day soon we would understand and embrace their way of thinking. It is this second type of information that I have sought out in my research.

The subject of food allergies or food sensitivities has been particularly poorly served by the medical profession up until now. So have topics such as candida or intestinal yeast overgrowth. These problems can produce a diverse range of symptoms, which are specific to the individual and can even be different at different times in the same person. This is difficult for the conventional medical world to accept, focused as it is on symptoms and their suppression with drugs, rather than looking for nutritional and environmental reasons and treating the root causes.

Happily, the conventional medical world is beginning to recognize nutritional and environmental problems as genuine causes of illness. Meanwhile, Special Diets are Easy.com can help by providing resources to make it easier to follow the special diets that are prescribed for sufferers of these problems by the as yet few physicians who specialize in this type of illness.

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